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30 August 2009 @ 05:31 pm

Gaspard Ulliel LIMS

// info&rules // Session Two SIGN UP

Each participant at ulliel_lims has one bonus to skip one challenge in this round (not the first, not the last one!). You may earn another skip by promoting this community in your journal or in another community.

Just comment here with the link & I'll add you your extra skip!

You can use this code:

Ps. any other promotions would be greatly appreciated!

darlingbones - 1 skip
kiho_chan - 1 skip
library_of_sex - 2 skips
thewondelrife - 1 skip
anaispoynter - 1 skip
deiu_deiu - 1 skip
selenespain - 2 skips
marinameira - 1 skip
bossygenius - 1 skip
value - 1 skip
anitamusikita - 1 skip
dudette_in_town - 1 skip
twiilightzone - 1 skip
kirbyed - 1 skip

D = disqualified
E = eliminated
27 August 2009 @ 08:26 pm

Here is the sign-up post for Session Two!

Remember to join & read the rules before you sign up. You must comment to this post by writing your username in order to participate. Sign-ups will end September 13, 2009, 01:00pm (GMT) or after, when we have at least 20 participants.

You may sign up until round one is over. Meaning, until the voting goes up.
You must participate in round one, so that means you may not use your skips for the first round. If you sign up, you must participate in each & every challenge until a Last Icon Maker Standing is chosen. If you do not enter every challenge, you will be disqualified unless you have any skips remaining. Each person has one skip by default and can earn up to 1 more by promoting this community. See the skip post for more info.

Now then, sign up! =)

01. darlingbones
02. kiho_chan
03. library_of_sex
04. thewondelrife
05. anaispoynter
06. deiu_deiu
07. selenespain
08. marinameira
09. bossygenius
10. value
11. anitamusikita
12. dudette_in_town
13. twiilightzone
14. kirbyed
27 August 2009 @ 08:21 pm

daily_addisex & chambers_daily are ♥

apply @ goodtruebloodic

eternalc_elite: a new italian elite community

you must be italian to apply but if you aren't, feel free to watch us

truebloodlims - sign ups now open!

vampirelims - sign ups now open!

gaspily_lims - sign ups now open!