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Gaspard Ulliel Last Icon Maker Standing
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This Last Icon Maker Standing community features the gorgeous and talented french actor Gaspard Ulliel.

Sign up for SESSION TWO!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask to the mod: cinnamonstreet
If you'd like suggest any pictures (or themes) for next rounds, leave a comment here, thank you!


o1. You must sign up at the sign up post in order to participate.
o2. Text, textures, brushes, and stock pictures may all be used in making your icon.
o3. Animation is not allowed. The submitted icons must fit the Livejournal standards (100x100px, or 40 kb and GIF, JPG, or PNG format).
o4. Some rounds may be theme challenges, where you'll be asked to do a certain techique with your icon. Be sure to carefully read the special rules of these rounds.
o5. Icons must be brand new and made especially for this competition. You may not post them anywhere until the results post goes up.
o6. Be sure you know the schedule of the rounds. See the schedule in its section below.
o7. All participants are allowed two skips (one by default and one by promoting the community). However, you MUST participate in the first and final rounds. Additionally, if you do not submit an icon your skip will automatically be used.
o8. Upload your icons on a hosting site like "tinypic" and post them in a comment to the challenge post with both the image and the URL.
o9. When it comes to voting, you must provide reasons for all eliminations and favorites. You do not need to participate to vote. Voting is not required but much appreciated, however please note: Peoples Choice & Mod's Choice can only be awarded to contestants that vote. Also, participants may not vote for themselves.
1o. After results are posted, the entries will be unscreened. If you want to use one of the entries, give properly the credit to the maker and do NOT hotlink!


Monday - The picture for the round goes up.
Saturday - No more icons will be accepted. The voting will go up.
Monday - The voting ends, and the winners are announced.

PLEASE NOTE that each action above will happen on or after 01:00pm (GMT), so be sure to get your stuff in before that time.

Any questions? Feel absolutely free to ask. :)


Session One - rdequina

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